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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Cruise with Miami Aqua Tours

island seen from above

Stop wondering if it’s a good idea! It is indeed, and we’ll show what makes us your best option to board a sailing vessel in Biscayne Bay:

  • Miami Aqua Tours boats are certified and inspected by the United States Coast Guard.
  • We play the best music on all our cruises, you just need to relax while enjoying our sightseeing tours.
  • We offer a suitable timetable so you can book your tour any day, or celebrate on a special date aboard our cruises.
  • You can take our tours alone if you rather spend quality time with yourself, or you can sail with your partner, family or friends.
  • Children under 3 years old can take our cruises for free. This is one of our favorite reasons because is perfect for families!

And one more…

All this is specially designed to guarantee our guests a fantastic journey, but more importantly, we want you to find affordable prices so you won’t miss the boat and get on board now. In Miami Aqua Tours we offer different fees that will best fit you. But this is not enough! Language is not an issue on our ships. If you’re coming with someone who can’t speak English, don’t worry, our professional bilingual guide will be explaining everything in Spanish and English, so nobody will miss any detail.

Let’s have fun on board and choose your favorite boat: are you into pirates and theme parties? Then ‘El Loro’ Pirate ship is your best option. Do you want to sail with style and comfort? Aboard Island Princess. Or do you prefer enjoying the panoramic views of Miami’s lovely landscape? Sail on Manatee II.

We’ll be thrilled to have you on board! Our captain is ready to depart and our crew is waiting for you and your folks. Keep reading more about Miami Aqua Tours and get ready to enjoy something extra special on your holidays!