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3 Places to Visit Around Biscayne Bay

a man and a woman standing on a boat on the water

Your day-to-day routine can be exhausting. Visiting the same places and meeting the same people without something new is dull. That’s why we want you to discover three amazing places to visit in Biscayne Bay, perfect to enjoy our boat tours! Get ready for an exciting journey onboard.

In Miami’s surrounding areas there are more than beautiful places full of astonishing landscapes and activities. There you’ll access a lot of food establishments to enjoy their culinary delights. For instance, Casablanca is a one-of-a-kind seafood restaurant offering delicious dishes and a lovely environment to share unforgettable moments with your family or a dreamy dinner with your loved one. But if you want to experience a Latin-ish style, The Rusty Pelican is a must-see for you!

Do you prefer spending your leisure time in calming and relaxing places? Then you want to visit the Miami Beach Golf Club, which is open to the public. Or are you a big fan of enjoying the beauty of nature, with astonishing views and fascinating flora and fauna? Biscayne Bay offers extraordinary, lively and colorful landscapes to be pictured, or just to keep them in your memory. So make sure your camera is fully charged to photograph unique animal species such as dolphins, birds and all the tropical fauna abounding in this area.

If you want your family to have a blast, Biscayne Bay is your best bet as it is the home of water sports in Miami! The best part is that there are activities for all ages, so every family member will have a memorable time.

However, we know for sure that having fun is more than that. If you are into shopping and visiting the downtown, make plans to go to Bayside Marketplace, you’ll find a wide variety of shops!

In Miami Aqua Tours we have high qualified tour guides to provide you with all this information. Every staff member is completely willing to help you and take you to a pleasant tour, with everything you need to enjoy your stay and the magic of a coastal paradise in any of our state-of-the-art vessels: Island PrincessEl Loro, and Manatee II.

You’ll love us because:

  • You will share amazing moments with your relatives as everyone is welcome on board. Miami Aqua Tours has always been known for offering a nice family environment.
  • Our family environment ensures that every child under 3 years old enjoys our sightseeing tours for free.
  • Snacks and drinks are available for purchase at our tours. But keep in mind that alcoholic beverages are only allowed for 21 years or older.
  • Our tour guides perfectly speak both English and Spanish.
  • You’ll find restrooms for both males and females.

Don’t miss the boat! Get ready to enjoy the most unforgettable moments in Biscayne Bay. Whether if you’re celebrating your anniversary or your birthday, we’ll be willing to offer the best service so you can have an unparalleled experience on the water!

Miami Aqua Tours is located in Miami Bayside Marketplace, by the main entrance that directly leads to the beach. The ticket office is found on the right-hand side of the central platform. Our fees are affordable for families, couples and friends: 25 USD per adult and 16 USD per child (remember: if they are 3 years old or under, they’ll enjoy our tours for free!).

Which of our cruises around Miami are you interested in? Choose your favorite and book now!